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“Ignorance of Law is no Excuse”
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Organizational Structure of the Mid-Western University

Welcome to website of School of Law
About Mid-Western University
Mid-Western University (MWU) is an autonomous and public institution of higher learning with the mission to serve the people of Nepal and enrich the global learning community by extending the advantages of higher education. Established by the Government of Nepal with a Parliament Act on June 17, 2010 A. D.

Few Words about MU L-School
The Mid- Western University, School of Law has opened the doors of legal education in 2018 as a historical accomplishment in the development of Mid-Western University as a whole. It aims to serve the society through the competitive legal education compatible with changed national and international context. In addition, it has an objective to enrich the students with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge, lawyering skills, and research to meet the challenges of the age.
Message from L-School
I hope that you will quickly learn what is most important to us at L School. We are a community that cherishes our people – our faculty, staff, and students, and we believe that the law fulfills its highest purpose when it is responsive to the needs of the people it was created to serve.MU School of Law is a community of exceptional people. At its heart is our extraordinary faculty. They are leading voices in numerous fields and service shape the law in powerful ways. The law school faculties are dedicated educators who have been recognized for their innovative and inspirational teaching.

Our Law School is equally enriched by our extraordinary and passionate students. They come from across the country and share with us an astounding diversity of ideas, experiences, perspectives, and ambitions. Our unique admissions process, which focuses on each individual, our commitment to affordability, and our wide range of relations mentoring programs are all intended to attract the best and brightest minds from all walks of life and support them as they pursue the highest ideals of our profession. View More

The fundamental goals of the MU School of Law is to make our graduates grasp the core competencies essential to engage in the practice of law, such as, legal analysis, legal writing and research, dispute processing, legal problem solving and fundamental professional responsibility.
Mid-Western University School of Law is stand to develop and disseminate the legal education through critically analyzes and scholarly research for the social justice and value based professionalism.
Our sincere endeavor will be to make legal education as justice education, as an instrument of social, political and economic change for the positive transformation of the nation based on democratic norms and value with respect to human rights.
Academic Course
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of legislative law (BA LLB)

course is an integrated law degree that the law aspirants can pursue right after qualifying their Class 12th examinations.

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Namuna Neupane

Being a successful lawyer and ultimately judge has been my aim as well as passion. In the environment where doctors, pilots, and engineers are prioritized it was not easy to convince parents that I want to be a lawyer. After all, through various ups and down I joined L-School Which made me realized my dreams were high. My past years at L-School have been excellent and a memory to cherish for lifetime. The years spent here have been full in learning opportunities along with fun and frolic and sometimes academic grind that one has to go through. L-School has always given priority to practical knowledge along with theories. Regular classes held at our college to help us with our aptitude and technical skills were of great help. The peaceful and studious environment, regular guidance, and encouragement as well as the prestige of the institution always makes me proud for joining this institution. I am quite sure that the enlightenment I achieved here will lead me towards the path of success and make me achieve my goals.

BALLB 3rd Semester
Neha Basnet

I chose the study of law because I wanted to study something that helps to acquire the skill of well-reasoned argument for the positive change in society. I always had a passionate interest in current affairs, wise debating and the change of world around me. All of my interests and dreams were met in law faculty only. And by support, encouragement and guidance of faculty members I am even more proud to pursue law in MU School of Law. Education is the foundation of life, and studying here in MU School of Law I can chase my ambitions, dreams and compete with the present market without any hesitation. It's theoretical, experimental and practical way of teaching and learning has built huge confidence for facing challenges in the future. Everything is exactly same the way I wanted my college to be. Teachers here I have found are very skilled and supportive, focusing not only in just studies but also teamwork, leadership and honesty towards our profession and society. With peaceful atmosphere, good care of our needs and necessities, and other mental, physical and social preparations they focus on, I can choose no more institution than MU School of Law and could refer no more than MU School of Law. I can proudly say that I am the product of this prestigious institution

BALLB 1st semester
Charchit BC

Choosing to study school of law was one of the best decision that I have made for myself. This place is perfect blend of joy and hardships. You meet different people, you interact with them, you learn about their culture and grow as a person. School of law not only provide great platform to ensure a bright future for us but also provide healthy environment, best library, highly qualified teacher. School of law has been great contributor towards the development of my personality. As School of Law organize various studies and discussion activities, educational visit, guest lecture, field project work, conference, case conclaves, and many extra-curricular activities which actually boost to enhance my skill and improve legal knowledge. Beside that I was able to establish my leadership, team skills and time management and also been able to advance this skill to another level. I would like to add that the faculty members are very student friendly and approachable in nature with attitude of being ever ready to help by not only delivering classroom teaching but also providing the student with real time studies. The best things about being a student here is the number of additional opportunity that are available. To any new student coming to the school of Law, you are definitely going to learnt more that you are expecting.

BALLB 3rd Semester
Puspa Upadhayay

It's the teachers who teach with great effort and students who do research, discuss, learn with hard work that makes a building, a college. I am glad and excited that we are second batch of this MU school of law. We are facilitated with library full of books which enhance our knowledge and skill. The one thing that I most like about our college is that the team of this college is always active and aware about needs and complain of the students. School organize different program, related to law and common issue. Beside that, School takes us in different outreach program for practice where we learn a lot. Teachers are always there to help a student in their study. in fact, now I feel proud in my decision of joining BALLB program in Mid-Western University school of law, Surkhet. At last, I want to say that "we become better and better together"

BALLB 1st Semester
Binita Bogati

When I first visited the law school, I immediately felt the sense of community. I could see that the faculty, staff, and students were so supportive of each other. Lawyers are risk assessors and tend to stifle the innovative processes of business people. I want to be a risk assessor. I have learned that something as taxing and challenging as law school can be a positive and enjoyable experience when you have supportive people around you. I seeks to cultivate lawyers who do good in the society, and by the help of law school you will come out more critical, analytical, compassionate, and ready to make a positive impact in the society, that’s why I choose law. I always wanted to study something that effects change in society and to acquire the skill of reasoned argument. I found it a challenge to adapt to the extensive reading required for law at first. However, after a while, I developed a legal frame of mind and began to see that there are two sides to every problem and now I’m third semester student’s. It’s been a great and fruitfull classes and case studies during those passed semester,for now waiting same ahead.

BALLB 3rd Semester
School Time
आइतबार देखी शुक्रबार सम्म विहान १०:०० वजे देखि साँझ ५:०० वजे सम्म खुल्ला रहनेछ।

शनिबार र नेपाल सरकारकाे वार्षिक पात्रो अनुसारको सार्वजनिक विदामा स्कुल वन्द रहनेछ ।

Core Values of the MU School of Law
MU School of Law stands with the following core values:
• The MU School of Law is committed to provide the legal education to the students that will transform them into accomplished professionals.
• The MU School of Law is committed to implant a sense of intellectual curiosity and a commitment in each and every student to develop the culture of life-long learning.
• The MU School of Law is committed to teach students about the values traditionally associated with the legal system along with doctrinal law.
• The MU School of Law is dedicated to provide students with opportunities to learn and improve skills and professional competence making sure they can provide legal service for their self-development.