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“कानूनको अनविज्ञता क्षम्य हुँदैन”
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MU School of Law operates its academic programs in a cost effective but well-built infrastructure with friendly learning environment. The School premises are welcoming. Students can choose to study references in the library hall attended by the librarians at working hours. Students have the opportunity to surf internet for electronic sources. School has supplement the need of refreshing the students apart from professional skill and their intensive studies. School of Law has designed an appealing interiors setup. The classroom facilities are very much sociable in various perspectives. The classrooms are equipped with the technology as multimedia devices, intra-nets, and Wi-Fi services. The entire sections of the college building such as class rooms, library, offices, and meeting halls are all furnished with computers with internet facilities and digital resources. As the Intellectual learning demands rigorous mental exercise over unlimited time hours, the School of Law has perfectly managed hygienic factors as cafeteria, water system, sanitation and physical environment within the college premises.